A new batch of arrivals in Martinique

In the past two days, nine boats have arrived to join the first four arrivals of the Atlantic Odyssey II in Martinique, creating a very happy community of some fifty sailors, each of them with their own unique collection of anecdotes to recount about their Atlantic crossing.

This makes for long, animated conversations, most often over a well-earned drink or meal in one of the restaurants situated at the end of pontoon 5, where the marina management has located the rally fleet.

Persevere family crew: Colin, Meriel, Nerina, Pamela, Breana, and their crew Kirk on the right.


Follyfin crew drink to a successful crossing.


Chantal, Nadim and Frank, from Wings, with the team from Le Marin Tourism Office.


Karen, from Amokura, welcomed like a heroine by her Atlantic Odyssey friends.


David, Karen, Paul and Peter from the yacht Amokura.


Champagne and cigar celebrations on the Belgian yacht Micheline: Johan, Robert, Jeoffrey, and Peter.

The second welcome cocktail organised for the latest arrivals was well appreciated and gave the sailors the chance to sample some local specialities.

On Tuesday evening, the sailors were also able to try some traditional Martinique dances, with an initiation into the biguine and the mazurka specially laid on for the Atlantic Odyssey.

The next two days will see a great programme of activities, and all the sailors present have signed up for the visit to a rum distillery, followed by a chance to experience a reconstruction of a typical slave village, so as to understand a little of the history and culture of Martinique.

After a creole dinner, the bravest will be able to try an initiation into the martiniquaise yole, traditional sailing vessel, emblematic of the island.

Reiner and Beate from Balou.


The Italian crew from Lady Vi Due : Lucio, Andrea, Federico, Gabrio, and Andrea.


Jenny and Simon from Fenicia.


Telem, Dolev, Noga, Matar, Shai, and Igal, and the family yacht Baloo.


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