Atlantic Odyssey: Greetings from the SIF family

Danish family on board SIF are happy to have arrived in Martinique

Dear Cornell Sailing

We just want to tell you that we really have enjoyed being part of the Atlantic Odyssey. The time in Lanzarote was exciting in form of getting to know the other participants. And especially it was good for our girls getting to know other kids on the same age. The seminars were very interesting and we must just say that Jimmy is a very good and interesting speaker.

On the Atlantic we were happy to receive the daily position report and knowing that other boats were not that far away from us. Our families and friends were also very happy for being able to track us all the way over via the homepage – that was very good.

At Martinique we mostly enjoyed the wonderful welcome we got from both Pascale & Pascal and the crew from other boats. It was the best welcome we could have wished for. And specially our oldest daughter (Sofie 14) enjoyed meeting all her new friends again.

Sofie, Rebecca and Rosa, young argonauts from SIF, with their certificates from Jimmy Cornell

So all in all has it been a wonderful experience for us participating in the Atlantic Odyssey and we will recommend it to others, who want to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the future.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Best wishes
The crew from SIF

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