Aventura IV’s Logs

Aventura’s new attempt at the Northwest Passage

Early this Saturday morning Aventura left Victoria, British Columbia,  bound for Dutch Harbor …. and the Northwest Passage. She had spent  the last month in Seattle, in the care of Swiftsure Yachts, the US  agents for Garcia Yachts.

Aerial view of Nautical Landing Marina, Seattle

As part of the preparations for the transit of the Northwest Passage, we  acquired a drone that will allow us to look ahead at the ice situation  and also take photos of the boat. The evening before our departure  Dunbar sent up Amy (after Amelia Earhart) to take a photo of the marina.

Nude biking on Midsummer Day

The end of our stay in Seattle coincided with summer solstice. This  seems to be an important local festival especially in Fremont, the  oldest part of Seattle.

The spirit of the 1960s seems to be alive and well here and nature  lovers had a great time cycling up and down Main Street wearing only  hats and sunglasses.


We left Seattle before dawn to go through three opening bridges before  the morning rush hour. As we left Seattle sealock and entered Puget  Sound, I looked back and there was the amazing sight of Mount Rainier  bathed in soft pastel colours by the rising sun.

Sam and Aventura

Our next stop was Victoria, in British Columbia. As we pulled to our  slip in the marina, I noticed right next to us an older Garcia of about  the same size as Aventura.

Jimmy with Peter Molnar

I was almost blown off my feet when the captain called across and  greeted me in Hungarian! Although born in the US, Peter Molnar’s parents  are originally from Hungary from where they escaped during the Hungarian  Revolution of 1956. Besides sailing, Peter’s other passion is wine, and  he is the owner of the renowned Poseidon winery in Napa Valley. We  toasted to our common Magyar genes with a glass of his excellent Pinot Noir.

Greater Victoria Harbour marina

The perfect location of the marina in the centre of town in front of the  old parliament building gave us a grandstand view of this attractive and  lively town.

Jazz band

The annual jazz festival was held wile we were there, with many artists  performing in the street, as was this young trio. The weather was warm  and sunny, contributing to the pleasant atmosphere.

Hanging flower baskets

As we set off on the long passage to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands  I leave you with this image of these colourful hanging flower baskets, the  hallmark of Victoria.

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