Aventura IV’s Logs

Friday excitement

This is the first Friday on Aventura’s first long passage in 2015. All morning I was wondering what was going to break because on many occasions whenever something broke on the boat, it was almost without exception on a Friday.

Code Zero

I didn’t have to wait too long because a loud bang coming from the top of the mast was followed by the Code Zero dropping overboard and trailing along the boat like a deflated parachute. The wind was light – hence the decision to hoist this light performance sail. The halyard had chafed through and eventually came apart. With all hands on deck it took no time to rescue the errant sail and re-hoist with it with a spare halyard.

Dave climbing the mast

Dave volunteered to climb the mast and establish the cause.

Dunbar checking Dave’s safety line

From the time he spent up there it looked more like he was enjoying the bird’s eye view.

Dave at top of the mast

In fact he was testing our new GoPro film camera

Inverted bird’s eye view

We are making good progress towards Panama. Cuba is stretching away into the mist on our starboard side and we hope to be through the Windward Passage and into the Caribbean Sea before nightfall. With 750 miles to go, we hope to be there in about five days.

Bird’s eye view of Aventura

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