BPO boats impress Galapagos inspectors

Kathy and Roger, who are running the BPO event office in the Galapagos, have reported that all of the following boats have been approved entry into the Galapagos:
Chapter Two, Windwalker, Ransom, Tom Tom, Lovesail, Tahawus, No Regrets and Blue Wind.

Apparently the the inspectors were all very impressed with the way the boats were so clean, as well as being well organized and prepared.

Entry formalities into the Galapagos are extremely stringent and involve 3 divers inspecting the hulls for any growth. This is because the islands are very worried about the threat from invasive species hitching a ride in on the bottom of an unsuspecting boat.

Chapter Two crew relieved to have arrived

Chapter Two crew relieved to have arrived

Ricardo Arenas, the local agent we have been working with for the past few months in order to ensure all the paperwork is in order, regards this as such a crucial issue that he has facilitated a conference on invasive species this week in the islands.

Om and Maggie are due to arrive Thursday. Coconut Woman has been delayed due to engine issues but has now left Panama.



The Galapagos Islands are truly a remarkable and unique enviroment. For a tantalising view of the wonderful wildlife to be found there, check out these photos on Facebook (no need to login)


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