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Day 17 of the Atlantic Odyssey

Sea Dragon

Photo: eXXpedition

The Future, climate, and toxics

After our trawl work, we had a mission. We are supporting a campaign called The Future. This campaign is spreading awareness on climate change and …

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Last days of the Atlantic Crossing

Sunrise at sea

The sun is shining almost everyday now, and we are becoming increasingly dependant on the small snatches of shade from the sails and mast.

Sunrise at sea

Dad and Christian continue to …

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Day 16 of the Atlantic Odyssey


So,we are zig-zagging the ocean looking for a decent angle for the spinnaker. We keep the windvane system at 155-160 degrees and keep gybing as needed. We are grateful for the sunny weather …

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Northwest Passage Bird Sightings - Final Tally

Birds on iceberg

As part of the Sail the Odyssey science program, during our 2014 summer voyage to Greenland and the Canadian High Arctic with the Blue Planet Odyssey, we tried to photograph …

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Day 15 of the Atlantic Odyssey


It’s raining fish.

We’ve literally gotten fish every day even though the weather has been too bad for fishing. Just this evening a flying fish jumped into the cockpit right beside me! Maybe …

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