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3rd edition

For anyone planning to sail offshore, this third edition of Cornells’ Ocean Atlas is vital reading. A must-have book onboard if you plan to sail any ocean.

Practical Boat Owner Magazine

For those who intend to leave on a voyage in the near future, it will provide a valuable tool in planning, preparing, and bringing a journey to a safe conclusion.

Sail World Cruising

2nd edition

There is nothing like this on the market, and already mine are dog-eared. Of special interest are the quick and easy to use ’windgrams’ for popular passage conditions. Jimmy and Ivan have taken all the work out of voyage planning. Excellent! Read more

World voyager Fatty Goodlander

It shows comprehensive, detailed, accurate, relevant and, above all, recent, averages of what are the ‘new normal’ conditions to be expected anywhere in the world’s seas. Read more

The Flying Fish (Ocean Cruising Club), 2018/1 issue

While Lady Luck often determines if you’ll be in the right place at the right time, Cornells’ Ocean Atlas can help you avoid being in the wrong place in the wrong season – the goal of every navigator. Read more

Mark Pillsbury, Cruising World, June-July 2018

For those who are planning long distance voyages or even seriously dreaming about them, this atlas packs tons of data, practical experience, and numerous resources under one cover.

The title understates what it is… On the surface it is a beautifully laid out atlas of updated pilot charts in a large, easy to read format. The next layer is a primer on regional meteorology and climates stated in a practical, non-technical narrative. Following this are sections that look like the “best of” Jimmy Cornell’s World Cruising Routes.

All of this information, jammed in with tactics based on the Cornells’ personal experience as well as inputs from weather routers make it much more than an atlas of pilot charts. Read more (PDF)

Brian Pinkston, Seven Seas Cruising Association Bulletin, May 2018

I particularly liked the detail that has gone into the pilot charts, and the text on various matters such as weather and currents… and an interesting chapter about the various names for the winds around the world.The passage maps make this a valuable primary resource for all cruising sailors. Read more

Bob McDavitt, Weathergram Blog

German Der Langfahrtsegler und ARC-Begründer hat seinen “Atlas der Ozeane” komplett überarbeitet. In die Wind- und Strömungskarten flossen allerneueste Meteodaten ein.
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Pascal Schürmann, Yacht Online

German Der Klimawandel hat Folgen und die globalen Wettersysteme verändern sich.

Dank der Neuauflage des Atlas von Jimmy und Ivan Cornell steht Seglern, die eine längere Passage planen, nun wieder eine aktuelle Information zur Verfügung.
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Sönke Roever,

1st edition


It’s sometime amazing to meet cruising sailors all over the world striving to get the latest (often) useless piece of electronics and then planning an offshore passage using information that is obsolete or insufficient to say the least.

The Cornell’s newly published Pilot Charts are the answer to the cruiser’s quest for up-to-date reliable statistical meteorological information. Pilot Charts in use till yesterday were based on 19th century observations and although some updating was done they have demonstrated to be highly inaccurate.

We have to thank Jimmy and his son Ivan (a great sailor and a computer wizard) for conceiving, planning and accomplishing such a colossal (twenty years of satellite data elaborated and put in a smart graphic form) and at the same time beautiful work.

Reader’s review on Amazon


I am currently circumnavigating on Yacht BeBe with my husband, Bill. We are more than 70% complete on our west-around route which began in the Caribbean.

We recently received our copy of the Jimmy Cornell’s Ocean Atlas. I have compared the Atlas to all previous information I could find including Jimmy’s previous books.

The new Atlas is different because weather patterns have changed and Jimmy has this new Atlas up-to-date. It is better because it’s charts are larger…at least twice the size (11.7″X16.5″ (A3)). This allows for quadruple the number of roses on each chart. More and new information is better!

Reader’s review on Amazon

Ever since the first pilot charts were compiled up by an American Navy officer in the mid 1800’s this is the first real update, based on satellite data. A great idea of Ivan Cornell to utilise the modern data by NOAA as a basis for these accurate and well layed out pilot charts.

Reader’s review on Amazon

This is a seriously impressive book. …It’s comprehensive, clear and informative. Oh, and for those with wanderlust, beware – it may lead you to dream! Read more (PDF)

Practical Boat Owner

This publication should really be considered an essential item of yacht gear rather than a book. … the data behind this book is all under 20 years old.

This is an important factor as climate change means that the days are gone when publishers can get away with basing predictions on 50 year old climatic trends.
Read more (PDF)

Sailing Today

Seasoned voyagers know that pilot charts are one of the most valuable tools for passage-making.

By employing the latest technology and weather information compiled via satellite over the last two decades and by quadrupling the number of roses roses on their clearly illustrated collection of transoceanic charts, the Cornells have not only updated a valuable resource but also substantially broadened it. Read more (PDF)

Cruising World

This book will also be an excellent reference for a much broader group, from oceanographers and meteorological students, to commercial shipping. It is a notable accomplishment, but for cruisers and those with dreams of cruising, it is an essential resource. Read more (PDF)


The Good Book. Cornell’s Ocean Atlas is a travel document which, in just a few months, has earned a special place in the on-board library![…]. There is no obscure theoretical padding in this nautical bible!

In a time of climate change, the clever, educational illustrations by these two nautical sherpas open the doors to the high seas, give access to a mine of information which was not available before them and make the maritime universe understandable. Don’t leave without it! Read more

It’s all too easy to follow the crowd on the well-worn rut around the world without doing your own diligent voyage planning and still expect to experience reasonable conditions doing so. But the moment you think about bearing off left or right — treading the path less taken, as it were — when everyone else is going straight, having the knowledge to keep yourself in safe and comfortable sailing conditions becomes crucial.

An exceptional new tool has appeared on the scene to help every cruiser work out for him/herself the possibilities open to them to be adventurous while staying safe, and that new tool comes from one of the most respected names in cruising — Cornell.

World-renowned sailor and cruising author Jimmy Cornell and his son Ivan Cornell have teamed up to pair modern weather technology with the most classic of voyage planning tools– pilot charts. The result is Cornell’s Ocean Atlas: Pilot Charts for All Oceans of the World. Read more

Gwen Hamlin,

This incredible atlas is the best climatological set of information that mariners operating at all levels from professional merchant master mariners to the casual cruisers MUST have alongside Bowditch.

Well laid out by the consummate professional that Jimmy Cornell is. Bravo Zulu!

Lee Chesneau, marine weather expert

Cornell’s latest production […] certainly eclipses all his other productions with its ‘wow factor’. I am sure it will become, like his ‘World Cruising Routes’, a publication no long-range sailor wants to leave home without. Read more

This amazingly impressive atlas …. definitely fills a gap in the nautical book market. Read more

Another essential arrow in the armoury for cruisers. Read more (PDF)

Sailing for Southern Africa

We had not been using pilot charts since they hadn’t agreed with our experiences over 5 years in the South Pacific. We had used all the buzz words, blaming the differences on “an unusual year”, “global warming”, etc. Areas are hotter/colder, storms more violent, etc.

Your atlas coincides better with our experiences and many of our fellow cruisers.

John & Ellie Wheeler

Cornell’s Ocean Atlas, the latest in a long line of cruising resources from this world renown author is the most up to date information available for passage planning. Cornell’s Ocean Atlas, along with a paper copy passage chart is all you need for planning a passage anywhere in the world. I know, I’m using it to plan our 2014 Micronesia Rally.

John Martin, Director of Island Cruising Association, New Zealand

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