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To sum up, 200,000 Miles is both an entertaining read and a good onboard reference, with a wealth of all-round advice and practical experience. Every page speaks of knowledge gained from his adventurous life on both land and sea. Well recommended.

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Flying Fish (Ocean Cruising Club journal), 2018/1 issue

His description of cruising Antarctica was enough for me to slam the book shut, look my wife in the eye and say, “We’re going!”

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Blog “S/V Rutea Sails Around the World”

Jimmy has devoted his professional life to discovering and sharing knowledge on world cruising. This book provides a perspective on a lifetime’s voyaging, with his thoughts on equipment, sailing strategies, navigation and living aboard.

Camilla Hermann, Cruising, UK

I finished the book 200,000 Miles and I LOVED IT! A compelling read full of useful information and really encouraging. It is the best book I have read on sailing… I loved the way it was laid out with practical information in between the biographical story.

Thanks for encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone into the ocean zone!!

Reader’s comment, emailed

Spent the evening reading it and its 1 part inspiring to 2 parts practical advice for both those starting off ocean cruising and also i expect for more seasoned veterans.

Laid out and written well, an easy book to dip in and out. I recommend highly.

Reader’s review on Amazon

It is the perfect combination of adventure, imagery, and practicality. Not quite a memoir, not quite a cruising guide, 200,000 Miles is built to educate and inspire would-be ocean sailors.

As I sat onboard recently, securely tied to the dock and pouring over Cornell’s latest book, I found myself remembering and reconsidering long-distance sailing plans of my own.

His matter-of-fact style makes extreme ocean challenges seem manageable. The running thesis of the book seems to be: if you prepare for it, nothing is that daunting.

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North West Yachting, USA

Excellent Read. Sailing adventure story and a hands-on cruising guide, all under one cover, written by the chap who founded the ARC. Well worth a place on any cruising sailors book shelf.

Reader’s review on Amazon

From a lifetime spent exploring the world’s ocean from Antarctica to the Northwest Passage, Cornell’s story reads like something out of a movie.

Herb McCormick, Cruising World, USA

Great reading, but be prepared to live with the constant feeling that you need to get out of wherever you are and go sailing!

Reader’s review on Amazon

200,000 Miles is a fascinating tale, not only about sailing but also about the adventurous spirit that brought a young man from the forests of Romania to become a master of the seas.

Ole Henrik Nissen-Lie, Seilas, Norway

Jimmy Cornell’s journey through life has been as fascinating and varied as his seagoing feats. 200,000 Miles blends anecdote, philosophy and hard-won experience into one enjoyable narrative spanning a lifetime of voyaging under sail.
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Peter Nielsen, Sail, USA

If you are planning a passage, or simply dreaming of buying a boat and heading out to the blue yonder, this book will give you a hands-on account of what to expect and how to plan. And most of all how to do it safely. Read more.

Richard Crockett, Sailing SA, South Africa

A cruising life requires skills, virtues, luck, doggedness and a will of personality. Not only does Jimmy Cornell have these in spades, he has also been willing to share his well-formed opinions on cruising. This book epitomizes his lifelong philosophy.

Phil Ross, Cruising Helmsman, Australia

Jimmy has a unique ability to share his knowledge through books that have inspired and guided sailors across the seas for many years.

Johan Boström, På Kryss, Sweden

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