ISTEC is a German company that specialises in downwind sails especially the Parasailor, the world’s first wing-integrated spinnaker, designed especially for short-handed crews. 
Offers a special ‘Cornell Sailing’ design to Odyssey participants.

Eclectic Energy

UK-based company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative wind and wind water generators worldwide such as the D400 wind generator, Sea-Gen hydro generator, Sail-Gen and the DuoGen.
Odyssey participants will profit from lucrative discounts on wind generators, regulators, spares and ancillaries.


WALDER ® Technic Plaisance is the inventor and manufacturor of the famous boom brake. To prevent accidental gybing, the WALDER ® controls the boom. When gybing, the boom swings gently to the other side, without human help. The WALDER ® Boom-Brake is an essential safety device that ensures the indispensable protection of your crew and equipment.
A discount is offered on the boom brake for all participants in Cornell Sailing rallies.


Rocna anchors provide massive holding power and extremely quick and reliable sets across a wide range of bottom types.
Rocna will offer a manufacturers rebate on Rocna Anchors to participants in the Cornell Odyssey rallies.

Rescue Laser Flares and Rescue Laser Lights™

The new way to signal for help, warn oncoming boats of your presence or locate your gear at night. Offer a special discount for all Odyssey rallies participants when ordering online:


Cornell Sailing’s preferred crew finding partner is Crewseekers International. Crewseekers is the original yacht crew introduction agency. Since 1990 they have been helping skippers who are looking to find a crew, and assisting people of all ages and experience levels seeking yacht crew opportunities.


A French crew finding agency.

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