The Odyssey Concept

The Odyssey rallies are designed for sailors wishing to enjoy the safety and social aspects of a purely amateur event.


  • All the Odysseys have the aim of returning to the original non-competitive and non-commercial spirit of Jimmy Cornell’s earlier rallies, with the emphasis on safety and the enjoyment of participating in a purely amateur event.
  • To help participants at every stage is an international team of experienced sailors with several circumnavigators among them.
  • From pre-start seminars to cultural visits and activities for children, the Odysseys are characterised by their unique atmosphere of camaraderie.
  • The hub of our events is Marina Santa Cruz, located in the centre of the capital of Tenerife. Our Caribbean host is Barbados, the logical landfall at the end of an Atlantic crossing.
  • We are now offering the alternatives of sailing on a direct passage or making a stopover in the Cape Verde Islands.
  • Participants pay a modest entry fee and benefit from free docking before the start and after the finish, discounted marina fees for longer stays, and individual tracking on our website. Read more about what is included
  • All these incentives are thanks to generous sponsors on both sides of the Atlantic.


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