The 2022 Elcano Trophy is awarded to Jimmy Cornell by the Cádiz Elcano Association

This year’s prize was awarded to Jimmy Cornell in recognition of his long-standing contribution to sailing and navigation by his books, rallies and own voyages over the last five decades. The awards ceremony took place at the Royal Cadiz Yacht Club in the presence of local dignitaries, members of the Cádiz Elcano Association, as well as members of the yacht club. The trophy, a bust of Juan Sebastian Elcano, created by local sculptor Fernando Florez, was awarded to Jimmy Cornell by Admiral Eugenio Díaz del Río Jáudenes.

The Association’s aim is to promote and disseminate maritime culture, and maintain the city’s long association with the Spanish Navy. It is also engaged in keeping alive the memory of Juan Sebastian Elcano, the first man who circumnavigated the world between 1519 and 1522. The Basque officer took part in the Magellan expedition and on the commander’s death in the Philippines, took over the command of the ship Victoria. He succeeded in completing the first round the world voyage arriving in Seville on 6 September 1522, accompanied by 17 survivors of the original expedition.

Miguel Ramos Grosso, President of Cádiz Elcano Association, Juan Manuel Pérez Dorao, Secretary of Real Club Nautico de Cadiz, Admiral Eugenio Díaz del Río Jáudenes, Jimmy Cornell

The members of the association are from all walks of life but are united by their interest in the sea and navigation. In the last three years the association has awarded this special prize to prominent people who have made their mark in the field of sailing and offshore navigation.

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