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The new cat on the block: I get to meet Aventura Zero

Last week I travelled down to France with my mother Gwenda and brother Ivan to say goodbye to my father Jimmy before he set off on his voyage around the world. I was intrigued to finally see Aventura Zero after hearing so much about her over the last year and how the concept of the El.Ca.No Challenge had developed. We arrived in La Grande Motte in the south of France, where Outremer Catamarans are based and where Aventura Zero had been constructed. These were the last few days before she and her crew were due to leave, heading west to Seville, Spain, and the long sail around the world.

Everyone was busy with last minute jobs, press interviews, and final preparations, but time was found for a ceremony to send her on her way.

I was given the task of naming the boat, in the family tradition as I had named other Aventuras beginning with the first Aventura in 1974 when I was only 7 years old. 

I am well protected, not only from covid, as I had to smash a bottle of champagne against the sturdy Rocna anchor at the bow

Aventura Zero, with her pioneering electric regeneration system, is to be the first of a new model, the 4.Zero, for Outremer Catamarans, and it was good to see all those who had worked with Jimmy on the design, construction and fitting out had gathered for the ceremony.

Aventura Zero is the latest child of a long term successful partnership between Jimmy and Grand Large Yachting, having previously successfully come up with the Garcia Exploration model which I sailed on with Jimmy in the Arctic.

A successful long term partnership: Jimmy Cornell with Xavier Desmarest of Outremer Catamarans and Grand Large Yachting

My daughter Nera, who accompanied Jimmy on his earlier trip to the Northwest Passage, had made a mascot for the boat – a lucky ‘cat for a cat’.

With Jimmy and my brother Ivan

We got to meet Jimmy’s young and enthusiastic crew, and I felt a pang of jealousy that home commitments mean I can’t take off for eight months sailing. 

Jimmy discusses the route through the Atlantic with Conor, Taylor and Michalis

Best of all, however, was our chance to go out for a sail – in the light winds and sparkling seas of the Mediterranean, Aventura Zero seduced us all with her clean lines, her speed and comfort, and as we slipped back into the marina, the cat-like purr of the all-electric propulsion system. I recalled the days of my sailing childhood when the noise of the diesel motor deafened everything. It is good to see that the future is coming when we’ll leave these noisy and polluting fossil fuels behind us at last.

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