'Packed with data, experience & resources': SSCA reviews Cornells' Ocean Atlas

Brian Pinkston reviews “Cornells’ Ocean Atlas” in the Seven Seas Cruising Association Bulletin, May 2018

Cornells' Ocean Atlas

For those who are planning long distance voyages or even seriously dreaming about them, this atlas packs tons of data, practical experience, and numerous resources under one cover.

The title understates what it is… On the surface it is a beautifully laid out atlas of updated pilot charts in a large, easy to read format. The next layer is a primer on regional meteorology and climates stated in a practical, non-technical narrative. Following this are sections that look like the “best of” Jimmy Cornell’s World Cruising Routes.

All of this information, jammed in with tactics based on the Cornells’ personal experience as well as inputs from weather routers make it much more than an atlas of pilot charts.

Read the complete review (PDF): Cornells’ Ocean Atlas – Pilot Charts for All Oceans of the World Second Edition

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