Odyssey Logs

VIDEO: Itchy Foot Family Atlantic Crossing

Follow the ITCHY FOOT crew as they sail over the ocean with the Atlantic Odyssey 2016 from Tenerife in the Canary Islands to Barbados in the Caribbean, with a stopover in the Cape Verdes.

Four boats Anyway, Freja, Gorm den Gamle and Itchy Foot had stopped at Mindelo (Sao Vicente) in the Cape Verde Islands for various reasons, some technical others for personal reasons.

They enjoyed their stay so much that they decided to take advantage of this unscheduled stop on the island of Sao Vicente and enjoy its attractions.

Eventually they all left at the same time and kept close together throughout the 2020 miles passage to Barbados being constantly if not in visual then in VHF radio contact.

One of the reasons why they kept such close company was the fact that out of the four boats three have children on board and being able to chat with their friends during the long passage was a great success.

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