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Four Old Farts: An Atlantic Crossing Poem

Jeff Cook on Bright Eyes was inspired by his Atlantic crossing to write this poem.
The crew of the yacht Bright Eyes was the oldest crew in this year’s Odysseys, their average age being 70 years young.

Nigel Powell, Stewart Burness, Jeffrey Cook, Graham Reid

4 Old Farts

4 Old Farts and a brave little ship
Do set forth on an epic Trip
To cross an ocean fierce and wide
Where there be monsters that doth abide.

Some of little white hair and some of plenty
Dry stores full and booze stores empty
They reach down south to test their skills
Of seamanship and friendship with iron wills.

With brave heart and timeless grace
Our little Bright Eyes sets the pace
With clever Duogen and bright new Parasail
The 4 Old Farts will prevail.

Fierce winds and ocean will have no master
But the 4 Old Farts must go faster.
Our bold skipper brave of heart and of little fright
Orders the Parasail To fly day and night.

4 Old Farts seek the wind that suits them best
One that’s steady and fast going West
Too far south some do cry
But not with our Parasail Flying High.

With Parasail set high with sheets and guy
Days and miles go flashing by
In the depths of night under stars of wonder
A black cloud comes of wind and thunder.

3 Old Farts dash on deck to help their chum
Only 2 are dressed and one with bare bum
4 Old Farts douse the beast that’s flying high
And retrieve the flailing sheets and guy.

With halyard block smashed to the floor
Our bold bright kite can fly high no more
In stronger winds and creaming wake trails
4 Old Farts set their snowy white sails.

A lone white bird watches from up high
A long white tail streams to glide it by
Our brave little ship alone on the deep
A caring eye our white friend doth keep.

Our cool skipper bold as brass
Reels in a Mahe Mahe from under sea grass
One yard long and gleaming yellow in the sun
A heart meal for all but one.

4 Old Farts white hair grows ever longer
Bushy white beards grow ever stronger
Itchy thick hair on every double chin
The more to find curious things that reside within.

4 Old Farts with 100 leagues to go
Trim and retrim their sails white as snow
And prance the deck to increase the pace
Who said “its not a race”.

To our wives with thanks and a hearty cheer
For us there may not be a better year
The 4 Old Farts are but mere men
Fast coming 3 score years and ten.

Jeff Cook
Crew of Bright Eyes.

In Barbados, the crew of Bright Eyes are awarded the title of Senior Argonauts.

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