Barbados 50 Weekend Fun For Young & Old in Marina Lanzarote

There was plenty of fun on offer for sailors and land-dwellers, old and young, this weekend at the Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife.

Saturday 17th September saw the marina host a safety demonstration with the local lifeboat offering visits, and a demonstration of liferaft deployment, finishing off with a visit from the Canarian sea rescue helicopter, based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, landing in the cruise ship terminal so sailors and local residents could visit – followed by a rescue stimulation next to the yachts in the marina.

As one sailor remarked, ‘This is so interesting, but I hope I never have to get so close to one of these again.’

The safety event was organised by Norberto Delgado, the Lanzarote representative for ANAVRE, the Spanish Cruising Association which works closely with Maritime Safety (Salvamento Marítimo) to help advise sailors about the importance of safety at sea. Help securing the event was given by volunteers from the Escuela de Pesca; more correctly known as the IPFP Marítimo-Pesquero de Canarias (Lanzarote).

The Liferaft deployment was put on by local company Inprecasa

Sailors realise even a ten-man liferaft is pretty cosy

Looking at the contents of the emergency pack

Dorian from Laridae enjoys his visit

Winching up a volunteer from the deck of the Lanzarote lifeboat

Helicopter rescue simulation completed

Thank you Canaries rescue service!

Alfredo Morales (Harbour Master) and Norberto Delgado (Lanzarote representative for ANAVRE)

After the Saturday excitement, Sunday the 18th was a more relaxing day – with some time out for parents included, as an arts and games morning was organised for the Barbados 50 children. A guided walk around the town of Arrecife was also laid on by the Arrecife Town Council.

Sunday morning catch up in the Marina Lanzarote wifi hub

Anneka (Laridae) did a drawing representing Elea (Maskali) and gave it to her

The children with their Barbados 50 drawings and Lego they had constructed; left to right: Severin (Sameera), Elina (Laridae), Erell (Balanec), Mia (Jiyu), Dorian (Laridae), Maëlle (Maskali), Coline (Balanec), Eléa (Maskali), Anneka (Laridae)

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