Atlantic Odyssey II: La Palma start changed


Due to technical and logistical considerations, we have been forced to change the start of the Atlantic Odyssey II from Santa Cruz de la Palma, to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The date of the start on 9 January 2016 remains unchanged.

The Atlantic Odyssey II was launched in 2013 to give sailors who are planning to cross the Atlantic after the Christmas holidays, the opportunity to start their transatlantic passage from one of the westernmost islands in the Canaries. The new marina in Santa Cruz de la Palma was the obvious choice.

Due to a design error, its main disadvantage is the uncomfortable conditions caused in certain weather conditions, when the swell enters the large port and is deflected into the marina.

To overcome this problem, a special gate had been designed to be added to the marina breakwater, and stop the swell. Although the project had been approved, two years later the gate has still not been built and, as organisers of this event, we need to put the interests of our participants first, and have decided to start from another port.

The best alternative is the marina in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from where the ARC has been starting for the last 29 years. As a result Las Palmas has the best repair and service facilities in the Canaries, and also the best choice of flights.

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