First Boats Arrive in the Marquesas

Blue Wind was the first of the fleet to arrive in Atuona, on the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas on Sunday March 29.

Luc Callebaut, who is running the BPO event office in the Marquesas along with partner Jackie Lee, writes ‘The crew anchored in the harbor … went to town to clear in and buy a few provisions … they now are enjoying the sight of the majestic mountains around the harbor with a cold Hinano beer.’


No Regrets and Tahawus were the next to arrive on Tuesday 30 March.

crew of Blue Wind, No Regrets and Tahawus with Luc Callebaut

Crew of Blue Wind, No Regrets and Tahawus with Luc Callebaut

Here are the first reactions from Tim onboard No Regrets from his regular blog home

1 April – Lush doesn’t cover it

“This is one spectacular place! Period. No Question marks except where to get a bottle of Remy Martin to present to our – there are no words to describe such generosity and graciousness – BPO rep in French Polynesia.  Luc is unflagging.  After getting into the harbor at midnight, we arose early to move the boat to its present pretty tight anchorage, got up at six so we could join Luc on a short ride into town where we spent the day getting “checked in” at the gendarmerie.  Of course there’s red tape but ultimately Luc cut through like a blow torch through butter.

I am so amazed by this place.  Unbelievable from the vertical verdant mountains to the fruit trees growing everywhere to the beautiful people adorning themselves with unbelievable and enviable ink.  I have never been tattooed or pierced (except by hurtful comments about my style of dress) but I’m leaning towards a little something around an ankle.

Love this place.  Even hitch hiked for the first time in a century.  Even learned that nana means bye and see you.  Spoke a pinch of French.  Smiled a lot.  Got my passport stamped. 

Of all the places we’ve been this is truly my favorite.”

Once the remainder of the BPO-Pacific Odyssey fleet arrive, they have a great schedule to look forward to, if the beautiful islands were not enough…

A visit will be arranged to the marine reserve in Tahuata that is a Unesco project, as well as contact with local schools. The students are currently on vacation but there will still be opportunities for the boats to make local contacts and set up Skype conferences with the classes following them back home.

From Hiva Oa, the fleet will visit Ua Pou and Nuku-Hiva, finishing with a farewell dinner party for the PO and BPO fleet on April 17 as the Pacific Odyssey officially ends in the Marquesas.

Other activities will include a local tourism expert giving the sailors a presentation on  cruising French Polynesia, while Jackie and Luc will give a special orientation presentation about cruising French Polynesia with Q&A.

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