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Pacific Inspires Poetry

As our sailors are en route to the Galapagos, it appears the Pacific is casting a spell, as evidenced by this poetic inspiration that has landed in our Inbox…

The Pacific Beckons

by Bob Shanks, crew on board Maggie

Pacifico Oceano as the Spanish in Panama call it
Beckons you in all its blue as you sail upon it
The dolphins await to welcome you
And turtles swim out far from land too

Captain Rob at the helm with a steady hand
Guides us along with a spinnaker, a parasail brand
We glide through the water with nary a sound
It’s 6000 feet down to the ground

Admiral Carol is hard at work as always
Writing her blog as she tries to do most days
Through sailmail we’ll send it on to be posted
As we cross the Equator, Neptune will be toasted

Crew member Bob is enjoying the view
Of Oceano Pacifico, the great ocean blue
The waves have calmed as we approach the ITCZ
Soon it will be time for the crew to be fed.

From Tim Liveright on No Regrets

Red foot booby smiles

We are fast friends of the wind

Joining hand and wing


Tim writes: Mr or Ms Booby has spent another night as bow watch-bird. Obviously the source of his short but sweet inspiration.


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