La Palma: preparations make good progress two days before the start

The days pass by at Marina La Palma, between preparations for departure and the events organized for the Atlantic Odyssey and the traditional Twelfth Night celebrations..

Q&A forum

A seminar took place in the La Palma Yacht Club, located in the center of Santa Cruz in an old typical Canary Islands building, with its doors and balconies of sculptured wood and its internal courtyard.

A questions and answer session allowed the sailors and the Cornell Sailing team to discuss subjects relative to the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean: weather reports, squalls, watches, safety and medical emergencies, communication at sea, waste management…  Klaus Hympendahl also gave a lecture on piracy at sea.

Klaus Hympendhal with Gilberto Duque of La Palma tourist board, one of our most faithful supporters over the years of organising events

Provisioning at the market

Several participants visited the market together with their provisioning list, translated into Spanish. Food was ordered and will be delivered the day before the departure.

The sailors relaxed by meeting for lunch in one of the marina restaurants, or enjoying a happy hour at the end of the day.

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