First Atlantic Odyssey arrivals, first Martinique party

The tourist office of Marin invited the Atlantic Odyssey sailors to the first of several cocktail parties that they will be hosting during the stay of the fleet in Martinique.

The cocktail was attended by the crew of ROXY: Dirk Schats, Marjolein Hunink and Yves Nelis; the crew of THEMI: and Markus and Michael Sammer, and Karl-Heinz Pichler, and LAHAINA‘s crew of 6: Ole Baadsgaard, Jette Nolsoe, Agatha and Frank Rasmussen, Flemming Madsen, and Paul Baadsgaard.


First Atlantic Odyssey arrivals, first Martinique party – crews of ROXY, THEMI and LAHAINA celebrate with the Marin Tourist board Sunday evening. Photo: Lucy Baudin

It was a great opportunity for the first three arriving boats to reunite and discuss their passages.

With their Atlantic crossings behind them, the crews then turned their attention to exploring Martinique. Lucie Baudin, director of the Marin tourism board, answered the sailors’ many questions about touring Martinique, the upcoming Martinique Carnaval, diving, transportation, and planning visits for family members who will fly in to vacation with the crews.

Yanessa Jean-Elie and Miguel Nisas of the Tourist Board were also on hand. Yanessa served planteur punch and local foods, and Miguel served as DJ, serving up music from Martinique.


Jette Nolsoe and Agatha Rasmussen of LAHAINA discuss options for touring Martinique.



Lucy Baudin (director of Marin tourism board), and Dirk Schats of ROXY discuss the best places to dive in Martinique.

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