The children of Le Marin meet the Atlantic Odyssey

Three classes from Pérou primary school in Le Marin were welcomed aboard Sea Dragon to discover the boat and especially the scientific mission led by her crew of 14 women during their crossing of the Atlantic Ocean with the Atlantic Odyssey rally.

65 children visit Sea Dragon

65 children aged from 5 to 12 years old, in the second, third, fourth and fifth years of primary school explored the 22 meter steel yacht both on deck and down below, and listened to crew members explaining how they took daily samples of sea water to count plastic waste and to analyze the toxic products which we find unfortunately right in the middle of the ocean.

Laura and Malin explain life on board

Through photos and videos seen through the microscope, the children understood that the plastic waste, once split up in micro particles, is swallowed by marine animals, and contaminates the whole marine food chain, right up to humans.

Diana shows videos on plastic

The organizers of the Atlantic Odyssey would like to thank Emily Penn and all the crew of Sea Dragon for this contribution to the educational mission and of raising awareness that is common to all the Odyssey rallies, carriers of the same motto “One ocean, one future“.

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