Atlantic Odyssey: Latest arrivals

Day 24 – 10 December 2014

The crew of Por Dos absolutely wanted to reach Martinique before the farewell party, although they had to stop 7 days in Tenerife, and they succeeded: after the fastest crossing of the fleet so far, they docked on pontoon 5 less than one hour before the beginning of the party!

POR DOS arrived just in time for the Farewell party

Hapa Na Sasa missed the party as they arrived in the middle of the night. They moored on dock 5 the next morning, and were welcomed by Jimmy Cornell and fellow participants.

HAPA NA SASA family really enjoyed their crossing

Day 25 -11 December 2014

Strangetrader arrived in the morning after a fast crossing. They were followed by Kristine and Triton in the afternoon.

After 25 days TRITON family is reunited


Day 26 -12 December 2014

Catamaran Vida reached Le Marin in the middle of the afternoon, and were acclaimed and applauded by a large number of enthusiastic Atlantic Odyssey sailors. Fresh beers were thrown to the crew before they could even step on the pontoon!

Atlantic Odyssey participants applaud VIDA crew arrival


VIDA crew

The two young crew boys were very excited and immediately went for a run on the dock.

As the three children from Hapa Na Sasa were also present, we took this opportunity to award each of them the Young Argonaut diploma in recognition of this great achievement.

From left to right: Felix and Alexander from VIDA, Mina from ALYTES, Louisa, Paula, Franka from HAPA NA SASA

Although Florentine reached dock 5 in the dark at 18:30, the crowd of Atlantic Odyssey sailors was still present: Fred (Déhooké) took his dinghy to help them tie the bow to the buoy, while others took the stern lines on the dock. The crew also received a moving welcome, with applause, hugging and kissing.


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