Odyssey Logs

Provisioning for the Atlantic

Preparing for an Atlantic crossing of anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the speed of the boat, requires careful planning of what provisions to buy.

The quality of fresh fruit and vegetables is crucial. A group of Atlantic Odyssey sailors spent Saturday morning at the fresh produce market in Arrecife with long lists of what was needed, ordering supplies for the following Saturday before their departure.

Urte on HAPA NA SASA orders fresh produce from a vendor at the Saturday market for delivery to the boat next Friday

Annette’s provisioning list (ANNE)

Lou of THE LARRIKIN places her fresh produce order

SERENITY, THE LARRIKIN, HAPA NA SASA and ANNE share a coffee after the Saturday morning market

Fritz and Heide (ALYTES) prepare their provisioning list over coffee Sunday morning

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