Aventura IV’s Logs

Northwest Passage still blocked by ice

Based on a report received from Michael Thurston on Drina.

One week since Aventura gave up the attempt to transit the NW Passage, the ice situation remains uncertain. We are now anchored at Port Leopold, at the northern end of Prince Regent Inlet. Three other yachts are also here: Catryn (GB), Gjoa (CND) and Lillian B (USA). Lillian B announced today they are pulling out. Manevai (F) and Moloda (CND) have already turned around.

The other yachts that are still waiting are Arctic Tern (GB), currently on its way to Bellot Strait. Also in that area, believed to be anchored Port Ross, is Novora (flag unknown). Details of another reported vessel, Bagera, are also unknown.

We are staying here until we get a more definite news on the ice situation in Franklin Strait. A Norwegian tugboat and its barge, bound for Cambridge Bay, have moved towards Bellot Strait on the advice of the Canadian Coast Guard. This is part of an ambitious project to salvage the wreck of the vessel Maud, that sank in that area, during it Arctic expedition in 1925, and return it to Norway for restoration.

While this waiting game continues, we are trying to make the best of it by taking walks ashore, and enjoying the wildlife.

Port Leopold on the map:

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