European Odyssey boats arrive in Lanzarote

Narayan and Geronimo are flying their EO banners in Puerto Calero Marina.

Anthea in Lanzarote.

Rainer Moller and Carsten Arendt on Geronimo.

The first three European Odyssey boats have arrived at Puerto Calero Marina in Lanzarote this last Friday and Saturday. Geronimo and Anthea sailed from Rabat, Morocco, while Narayan left from Lisbon, Portugal.

Mel Symes of Puerto Calero Marina welcomed the boats and reported that the crews were in high spirits after a superb sail.

Rainer Moller and Carsten Arendt of Geronimo described how they had surfed the Atlantic rollers reaching a grand 16.9 knots in their Dufour 405! When they reached port in Rabat, they were greeted by crowds of waving people welcoming them in.

No speed reports yet from Matteo Muffato Miani on Narayan, but the short video below showing Matteo steering his lively Finot-Conquet Pogo 12.5 tells the tale!

Video EO2014 26.8.14 from Sail the Odyssey on Vimeo.

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