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Wildlife in Nuuk


Oddly enough, when you arrive at a harbour, you expect it to be filled
with squawking gulls. There really aren’t many: a few gulls and some
huge and loud crows. This may be because of the cold climate, but
seagulls do live in Greenland.

To be honest, I kind of wanted to see my first seals alive rather than
being tugged behind a boat and then hung from a crane by the tail
flippers, draining blood into the water through their oozing eyeballs.
Enough of the gore, that’s Inuit traditional lifestyles. They had to
survive on hunting their own meat and that same tradition has lasted
through the ages.

One piece of wildlife which seems to be abundant is unfortunately the
insects and mosquitoes.

What I found interesting is that the water is rather clear, but has
quite a lot of rubbish in it. I wouldn’t have expected fish and even
jellyfish to be in these waters, but actually, there seem to be a lot of

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