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Introducing Nera

My name is Nera Cornell. I am a 15 year old British teenager, and I go to Rednock School in a small town called Dursley in the UK.

My hobbies are horse-riding, art, and Explorer Scouts mainly. I also happen to be a fan of music, sing, and play guitar. Other than that, I love all kinds of animals, but especially Arctic foxes, and wolves.

So, when I was told I would be sailing through the Northwest Passage, who wouldn’t get excited?

I mean icebergs, animals, the sea, a nice boat, and exciting new communities. That was just a few of the things I was thinking about, but I’m also really interested in science, and the animals especially thrilled me.

I can’t exactly put into words how much this means to be doing this, with climate change affecting Earth, the Arctic has begun to melt, which is the main reason we believe we can accomplish this hard voyage through the ice.

So, either way, my name’s Nera and I will be blogging about the exciting things we’ll be getting up to in the Arctic! Hopefully, you’ll learn things as well.

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