Global Telesat Communications supplies satellite trackers for the Atlantic Odyssey

inreach-trackerThe Atlantic Odyssey has selected Global Telesat Communications (GTC), one of the UK’s leading suppliers of satellite tracking and communications equipment, to provide the satellite tracking solution for yachts participating in the Atlantic Odyssey rallies.

GTC will supply DeLorme inReach satellite trackers, airtime and online mapping capabilities for the rallies which are being organised by Cornell Sailing Events Ltd.

Utilizing a combination of the GPS and Iridium satellite networks, the DeLorme inReach tracking devices provide 100% global coverage and will automatically transmit regular GPS location reports from the participating yachts. This will enable the yachts to be visually located and monitored by race spectators and organisers anywhere in the world. In addition, historic data will also be available to show movements of the yachts during the course of the rallies.

John Ellis, Event Director of Atlantic Odyssey said “We are delighted to be receiving GTC’s assistance for our upcoming transatlantic sailing events. GTC were able to offer a wide range of tracking options for our fleets of yachts and have provided us with cost-effective airtime plans and trackers. Having reliable, accurate trackers and flexible mapping and airtime options were key factors in our selection of GTC for the Atlantic Odyssey sailing events.”

GTC are also offering participants 5% discount on initial hardware and airtime purchases.

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