European Odyssey

An exciting new European rally for yachts  sailing from northern Europe to the Mediterranean or the Canary Islands.

Yachts joining the European Odyssey start in Hamburg in July and make their way south with stops in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. From Lisbon, boats bound for the Mediterranean sail to Gibraltar, while those bound for the Canaries sail from Lisbon to Rabat and then on to Lanzarote. Those planning to start from Lorient join the main fleet at La Coruña.

Yachts can also join the European Odyssey at any port en route.

This is a non-competitive event for cruising sailors, with the emphasis on safety and the enjoyment of participation in this kind of amateur event.

The European Odyssey participants will experience a rich program of events as they visit some of the most important maritime ports of Atlantic Europe,  from tourist tours and historic visits to scientific seminars and wine and music experiences.

The European Odyssey shares the goals of the Blue Planet Odyssey in raising awareness of the global effects of climate change and convey the message The Ocean – Our Future.