Route & Schedule

Take the tradewind route across the Atlantic from the Canaries to the Caribbean with a choice of routes and starting dates.

SEASON 2017-18

Atlantic Odyssey

The classic: a November crossing, from Tenerife to Barbados, ready for a Caribbean Christmas. 

This early start from Tenerife will appeal to sailors who wish to reach the Caribbean at the start of the safe season and make landfall in an island such as Barbados from where a cruise can be easily planned to sail north or south along the chain of islands.

  Leg Start N. miles
Atlantic Odyssey Tenerife – Barbados 18 November 2017 2600

Caribbean Odyssey

Cross the Atlantic later in the season. Make a direct passage from Tenerife to Barbados in January .

One of the attractions of this timing is that participants are encouraged to come to Tenerife before Christmas and spend the festive holidays in this attractive city, enjoying a wide choice of activities culminating in the celebrations associated with the Three Kings festivities.

  Leg Start N. miles
Caribbean Odyssey Tenerife – Barbados 11 January 2018 2600

New for 2018: Atlantic Odyssey CV & Caribbean Odyssey CV

Leave Tenerife a little earlier, and  stop over for a few days in the Cape Verdes.

Those who decide to stop will find Mindelo (São Vicente) a perfect place to check the boat’s systems, reprovision and have a rest before embarking on the now considerably shorter crossing to Barbados.

  Leg Start N. miles
Atlantic Odyssey CV Tenerife – São Vicente (Cape Verde) 11 November 2017 830
São Vicente – Barbados 23 November 2017 2020
Caribbean Odyssey CV Tenerife – São Vicente (Cape Verde) 6 January 2018 830
São Vicente – Barbados 18 January 2018 2020

Host marinas


In Tenerife, the yachts are hosted in the Marina Santa Cruz, based in the island’s capital.

Cape Verde

The Mindelo Marina, on São Vicente island, hosts the Odyssey fleets in the Cape Verdes.



In Barbados yachts moor in the central Careenage or in the new marina in Bridgetown commercial harbor


captionIf you would prefer to make an early start from Tenerife in October, have a 3-week stopover in the Cape Verdes to explore any island you wish, and make a shorter Atlantic crossing, why not consider the Islands Odyssey?