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It is now time to introduce Aventura’s crew for the initial leg to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. Nick Carter is a consultant in rheumatology and sports medicine. He has owned both a catamaran and a monohull, and has cruised extensively in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. A keen racer since his earliest sailing days, Nick has taken part in regattas throughout the UK, as well as abroad. On one of the 67 foot former Challenge yachts, he raced from Sydney around Cape Horn to Punta del Este, in Uruguay. More recently, on the same boat, he organised an expedition to Greenland with some of the crew being made up of disabled servicemen. Nick has taken a career break from medicine to join Aventura on the Blue Planet Odyssey.

Ivan Cornell spent much of his childhood, from the ages of 5 to 11, sailing around the world on the first Aventura. He has owned three cruising yachts, and on his first, Zorba, he circumnavigated the British Isles. He built himself his latest boat, the 26 foot Danera, which is based in Brightlingsea, on the east coast of England. He has sailed with Jimmy on both Aventura II and III, and on the latter they completed a voyage to Antarctica and on to Alaska. Currently he is working for a manufacturer of equipment used in the film & TV industries.

For Jimmy, this voyage – and the boat to go with it – started as a challenge: to sail through the Northwest Passage as part of the Blue Planet Odyssey and thus show that this once impenetrable waterway linking the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, has only become navigable as a consequence of climate change.

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