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Niue is a self-governing state in free association with New Zealand


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The island of Niue is one of the world’s smallest states, but it is the largest block of coral on the planet. Because of its unusual geological formation, Niue is riddled with underground tunnels and caves, while on the east coast, constantly battered by huge Pacific rollers, deep chasms make for apocalyptic scenery.

Surrounded by sixty-foot high cliffs, Niue has no natural harbours and the only shelter from the prevailing winds is an indentation on the west coast where a number of moorings have been laid for the use of visiting yachts. In settled conditions this is a safe spot to leave the boat while visiting the island, although the ocean swell is forever present and the constant surge makes landing an exciting affair. There is a crane for hoisting tenders out of the water. Because of the difficult approaches and absence of lights it is strongly advised to arrive in daylight.

Alofi is the capital of Niue and is located at the centre of Alofi Bay on the west coast of the island, close to the only break in the coral reef that surrounds the island.

Marina /Port d’accueil

The Niue Yacht Club is very welcoming to visitors.


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