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The Blue Planet Log magazine was published in the lead up to the Blue Planet Odyssey in the summer of 2014. Past issues can be read online here.

Past issues of the printed magazine can be read online here with page turning reader
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Issue 3 – December 2013

Read Blue Planet Log Issue 3 online
Read issue 3 online (December 2013)


  • The Argonauts Take to the Seas
    Atlantic Odyssey report
  • Global Drifters
    The Atlantic Odyssey deploy drifter buoys


  • Where time never stands still
  • Meeting the Guna
  • The New Canal


  • Southern Route
  • Northern Route
  • European Odyssey
    New event launched
  • Seabirds
    Focus your cameras
  • Women and Cruising
  • News from the BPO Explorers
  • Long Distance Cruising Seminar
    March 2014 London Seminar


Issue 2 – July 2013

Read Blue Planet Log Issue 2 online
Read issue 2 online (July 2013)
    Atlantic Odyssey start
    Biosphere Reserve
    Atlantic Odyssey départ
    An nou alé – Let’s go
  • La Palma
    The pretty island
  • Grenada
    The spice island
  • Community Projects
    An overview
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    Dispatch from the Indian Ocean
  • Talking Trash
    Dealing with waste at sea
    A developing partnership
  • HF SSB Radio
    Do you need one?
  • Managing Sailing Events
    Tribulations of an event director
  • Power for Offshore Cruising
    Solutions for one boat
  • Long Distance Cruising Seminar
    Meet the experts
  • Spreading the Word
    Literary corner
  • Blue Planet Odyssey Explorers
    News from participants
  • Atlantic Odyssey Argonauts
    News from participants


Issue 1 – April 2013

Read Blue Planet Log Issue 1 online
Read issue 1 online (April 2013)
  • Message from OceansWatch
    Inspiring sailors to make a difference
  • Message from Tokelau
    One small nation leads the way
  • Tuvalu and Tokelau
    Endangered Pacific nations
  • Tuvalu – Mo Te Atua
    A personal view of apocalypse
  • The Blue Planet Odyssey
    An overview
  • Educational Program
    The younger generation have their say
  • The Green Machine
    An environmental club in school
  • Scientific Program
    Contributing to the knowledge of our oceans
  • Blue Planet Odyssey
    Route map
  • The North West Passage
    A challenge to overcome
  • The Odyssey
    A true family affair
  • Blue Planet Odyssey
    Confirmed participants
  • Cornell Sailing
    A brief history of events

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