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Mission accomplished: Joyful complete their Odyssey

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Although Ann and Jeff Posner retired from the Blue Planet Odyssey in Australia, they continued to pursue the scientific, educational, and community service goals of the rally as unofficial roving ambassadors and sailed much of the same route, completing their circumnavigation a year later than the fleet. They hope their circumnavigation will be an inspiration and encouragement to others to go for their dream and, at the same time serve others along the way.

They sent us this message:

Ann and Jeff Posner busy with final preparations before the start of the Blue Planet Odyssey in 2015
Stock Island Marina (near Key West), Florida – Photo: Jan Irons

This is to share our happy news that as of last night at sunset we successfully completed our circumnavigation of the world on Joyful!!!!!

At sunset we sailed into Stock Island Marina Village in Key West, Florida, to “close the circle”.

We began our circumnavigation of the world on Joyful here at the same marina on March 15, 2015, and completed it on May 11, 2018.

We sailed 29,270 nautical miles and spent 325 days at sea out of the 3 years and 3 months. We sailed to 19 countries, and crossed the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans.

Our goals were twofold:

  • First, through Mission Joyful, to spread the Gospel, through art and music ministry and through many other ways including humanitarian efforts, to all the countries we visited

    The Posner couple do missionary work in Barbados
    Barbados Today, April 20, 2018

  • Second, through Jimmy Cornell’s Blue Planet Odyssey Round the World Sailing Event, we raised awareness about the changing oceans, participated in scientific data gathering, taught in schools, arranged Skype sessions between foreign school students and students attending an American school, and participated in community projects.

A drifter buoy was loaded onto Joyful in Key West, Florida, as part of the Odyssey science program, to be deployed in the Pacific Ocean between Panama and the Marquesas.

With the students from St Joseph Elementary School

With the students from St Joseph Elementary School of Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas

We are so thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to do these things and we want to say again that we thank the Lord for his guidance and protection during this circumnavigation.

We also thank everyone for your prayers, encouragement, and help. Even though you were not sailing with us, you were definitely our “land based sailing crew” and aboard Joyful in spirit!

We also thank Jimmy Cornell, Doina Cornell, and their land based contacts who supplied excellent route information, and other recommendations that were helpful in many areas.

May 2018: Ann and Jeff Posner celebrate the completion of their circumnavigation at the Stock Island Marina

What is our plan now that the circumnavigation is over?

We will begin Mission Joyful Phase 2, which involves spreading the gospel through writing books and giving presentations about the circumnavigation. We will also continue doing art and music ministry wherever we go!

Jimmy Cornell:

My heartfelt congratulations on your amazing achievement. I must admit that I have been following your progress with great interest but also a certain amount of concern. Your news brought an immense sense of relief but also huge admiration for your perseverance.

I am very proud of you and wish you great success in bringing to fruition the rich potential of your valiant circumnavigation, which you managed to complete against all odds. Bravo!

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