Paris Boat Show: Busy weekend at the combined Cornell Sailing and Garcia Yachting stand.

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A stream of visitors stopped by to visit hull no. 4 of the Exploration 45, sister ship to Jimmy Cornell’s new Aventura. A comfortable corner had been set aside for Jimmy to receive a stream of visitors, most of whom had been following his regular reports from Aventura’s maiden voyage to the Arctic.

Garcia Yachting stand at the Paris Boat Show

Among the first visitors was Ms. Wendy Watson-Wright, Assistant Director General of UNESCO and Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.

Ms. Wendy Watson-Wright and Jimmy Cornell at the Paris Boat show

Thanks to a close and fruitful collaboration with this august body, all Cornell Sailing Events are run under the auspices of UNESCO-IOC, with a range of research projects being undertaken by participants in the various Odysseys. The stunning photo in the background was taken shortly after the deployment of a drifter buoy in the Greenland Current.

Aventura with blue iceberg

The Exploration 45 exhibited in Paris belongs to Lou and Zetty Morgan who are planning a world voyage with their three young daughters on Arctic Monkey.

Arctic Monkey, Exploration 45

A surprise visit was that of Antoine, the famous author, singer and video producer, whose voyages with Francette on their yellow catamaran Banana Split continue to entertain and inspire his millions of fans.

Jimmy Cornell with Antoine


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