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Atlantic Odyssey Jour 24: cinq arrivées supplémentaires

Arrivées en Martinique

5 bateaux sont arrivés aujourd’hui :
STARSHIP ANNIE (pendant la nuit)


Jimmy Cornell avec l’équipage de Seven Seas Adventure

We made it to Martinique
Yes…this morning at 06:30 we crossed the finish line into Le Marin, Martinique.
It was a great journey, more demanding than I thought it will be, tiring at times but with great sailing, fishing, talking, playing.

MANDARINA est arrivé dans la matinée

L’équipage de Mandarina, accueilli sur le ponton par les participants de l’Atlantic Odyssey

•  GAZEL REBEL est arrivé à l’heure du déjeuner

L’équipage de Gazel Rebel, heureux d’être arrivé juste à temps pour la soirée de clôture

•  CURE THE BLUES est arrivé dans l’après-midi

L’équipage de Cure the Blues

From the rest of the fleet


Starry nights and water rations.

This kind of a detailed starry sky is only possible to perceive at sea, in the desert, on the great mountains and at your local planetarium. Still, there is something extra magnificent with the ocean version – the undisturbed moonrise.

Some people are familiar with the amazing sunrise, coloring the skies in a much more intense way than the usual sunset. The moonrise, on the other hand, is coloring a dark night sky to something entirely different. The moon is glowing gold giving the black sky a tint of magic. Red? Blue? Golden? I honestly don’t know, I can’t describe it.

It feels like combining Star Wars with Claude Monet. Unreal and excessively glorious.

It seems like we didn’t waste a single penny on water for this trip, meaning we now have restrictions on personal water bottle filling. We have plenty of juice, but it’s still a little uncomfortable hitting the hard reality.

Few days left now…

Hapa Na Sasa

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Wenig Wind dehnen die letzten Meilen, man koennte meinen eine Stu hin oder her bei so einer langen Strecke aber meine Geduld wird gefordert.


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