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Cruising guides for • Argentina • Brazil • Chile • Colombia • Ecuador • French Guiana • Guyana • Peru • Suriname • Uruguay • Venezuela.

From World Cruising Destinations, by Jimmy and Doina Cornell.

South America cruising guides: Title, Author, Publisher Countries
Argentina (PDF)
RCC Pilotage Foundation/Andy O’Grady, Pete Hill, based on original work by Charmain Bibby
Brazil Cruising Guide
Michel Balette, Imray
Cape Horn and Antarctic Waters (including Chile, the Beagle Channel, Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula)
RCCPF/Paul Heiney, Imray
RCCPF / Andrew O’Grady, Imray
Colombian Nautical Tourist Guide, Published online by the Colombian Government (in Spanish) Colombia
Columbia to Rio Dulce Cruising Guide (with Routes and Stops along the Way) (Free PDF)
Amaia Agirre and Frank Virgintino, Free Cruising Guides
Cruising Guide to the coast of Brazil (Kindle ebook)
RCCPF / Pete Hill
Cruising Guide to French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana, A (Free PDF)
RCCPF / Martin Dixon-Tyrer
French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname
Cruising Guide to Trinidad, and Tobago, Barbados and Guyana
Chris Doyle, Cruising Guide Publications
Cruising Guide to Venezuela and Bonaire
Chris Doyle and Jeff Fisher, Cruising Guide Publications
Cruising Pacific Colombia: The Lesser Known Coast (Free PDF)
Eric Baicy & Sherrell Watson, Sarana website
Ecuador Cruising Guide (free PDF)
Sarana website
Ecuador, Peru
Explore Central America Part II (West Costa Rica and Panama) (ebook)
Sarana website
Havens and Anchorages (A companion to the “South Atlantic Circuit” for the South American Coast)
RCCPF/ Tom Morgan
Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay
Pacific Coast of Colombia (Free PDF)
Sarana website
Pacific Crossing Guide, The
RCCPF/ Kitty van Hagen, Adlard Coles
Canada, Mexico, Panama, USA
Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego Nautical Guide
M Rolfo and G Ardrizzi, Editrice Incontri Nautici
Argentina, Chile
Pleasant Suriname (a Cruising Guide to Dutch Guyana)
John Hoedemakers and Jolanda Geerdink, Sail Adventures
Sailing the Caribbean Coast of Colombia (Free PDF)
noonsite website
South Atlantic Circuit
Tom Morgan, Onboard Publications
Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay
Spanish for Cruisers
Kathy Parsons, Paradise Cay Publications
Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

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