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From World Cruising Destinations, by Jimmy and Doina Cornell.


Northern Europe cruising guides: Title, Author, Publisher Countries
Baltic Sea and Approaches, The
RCC Pilotage Foundation, Imray
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden
Cruising Almanac, The
Cruising Association, Imray
Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands
Cruising Guide to Poland
Nicholas Hill, Cruising Association
Cruising Guide to Baltic Russia
Vladimir Ivankiv, and Graham and Fay Cattell, Cruising Association
Cruising Guide to Germany and Denmark
Brian Navin, Imray
Denmark, Germany
Cruising Guide to the Netherlands
Brian Navin, Imray
Cruising in Norway
Howard Steen, Cruising Association
Cruising the Canals & Rivers of Europe – Belgium Waterways (PDF)
Tom Sommers, Euro Canals Publishing
Cruising the Canals & Rivers of Europe – Germany
Tom Sommers, Euro Canals Publishing
Cruising the Canals & Rivers of Europe – Netherlands
Tom Sommers, Euro Canals Publishing
Cruising the Inland Waterways of France and Belgium
edited by Margaret Hardwood, Brenda Davison, and Roger Edgar, Cruising Association
Estonian Cruising Guide
Hillar Kukk and Martsaarso, Imray
Harbours of the Baltic States
Fay and Graham Cattell, Cruising Association
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Harbour Guides
Skagerrak Forlag
Denmark, Norway, Sweden
High Latitude Sailing
Jon Amtrup and Bob Shepton
Finland, Norway, Russia
Inland Waterways of Belgium
Jacqueline Jones, Imray
Inland Waterways of the Netherlands
Louise Busby & David Broad, Imray
Landsort-Skanör (archipelagos of southern Sweden) – English edn
(also includes Öland, Göta Canal, Vättern and Bornholm Is), Catharina Söderbergh, Jesper Sannel, Joakim Lannek, and Lars Granath, Nautiska Förlaget
Denmark, Finland, Sweden
North Sea Passage Pilot
Brian Navin, Imray
Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands
Norway – Oslo to North Cape and Svalbard
RCCPF/Judy Lomax, RCC Imray
Norwegian Pilot Guide Sailing Directions (free PDF)
Norwegian Hydrographic Service.
8 books – Only Volume 7, which covers Svalbard and Jan Mayen, is available in English.
Norwegian Cruising Guide (including Spitsbergen and SW Sweden)
P Nickel and J Harries
Norway, Sweden
Sail to Svalbard
Jon Amtrup
Saimaa Canal Pleasure Craft Guide, The (free PDF)
Finnish Transport Agency
Finland, Russia

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