Islands  Odyssey
In 2016 this event was run as part of Barbados 50 .

Track the boats

Track the Islands Odyssey boats across the Atlantic from Tenerife (T) to Mindelo (M) in the Cape Verdes to Barbados. The yachts are enjoying an extended cruise in the Cape Verdes. They will leave for Barbados on 23 November.

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If a yacht’s position has not been updated or shows any other anomaly, this is most likely a malfunction of the tracking system and not an indication of the yacht’s current situation.

BoatPositionLast ReportComments
Akouavi16.89°N, 24.99°W 1 Nov 11:48 UTCArrived
Anemone16.89°N, 24.99°W 3 Nov 06:58 UTCArrived
Ariel16.89°N, 24.99°W18 Nov 07:58 UTCArrived
Dream Catcher16.52°N, 24.34°W14 Nov 07:23 UTCArrived
Finally16.89°N, 24.99°W 3 Nov 07:23 UTCArrived
JaJapami16.89°N, 25.00°W 2 Nov 10:00 UTCArrived
Krabat16.88°N, 24.99°W17 Nov 19:23 UTCArrived
Lady Jane16.89°N, 24.99°W15 Nov 18:33 UTCArrived
Lys des Mers16.89°N, 24.99°W 2 Nov 10:23 UTCArrived
Mojito16.89°N, 24.99°W 1 Nov 14:31 UTCArrived
Mr Grey16.89°N, 24.99°W 1 Nov 15:37 UTCArrived
Punch Coco16.76°N, 24.64°W12 Nov 12:28 UTCStarting the Islands Odyssey from Mindelo
Rubicon16.88°N, 24.99°W18 Nov 09:46 UTCArrived
Spinnwill14.87°N, 24.73°W11 Nov 16:32 UTCArrived
Tamoure16.89°N, 25.00°W14 Nov 19:08 UTCArrived in Sal
Voyageur16.89°N, 24.99°W18 Nov 08:59 UTCArrived

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