What Odyssey sailors say

They really enjoyed taking part in an Odyssey rally. Find out why.

We carry amazing memories with us from the time we spend with all of you in Tenerife and Barbados.

Thanks to the Atlantic Odyssey we made friends for life. Our time in the Careenage was very special. I would do it all over again without hesitating.

Thank you for making us feel welcome, for talking away all our doubts, for an unforgettable experience.

Vincent Depoortere, s/v STA VAST

This has been one of the highlights of my cruising life.

The size of the rally was great as it allowed us to get to know just about everyone. 

Its emphasis on cruising, not racing was very important as people left their egos at the front door and camaraderie was high.

Steve Tull, s/v LA MISCHIEF

What we liked best:
– The great organisation of all the events (excursions, shore trips, competitions, walks, diving sessions…) which met the needs of the sailors,
– The friendly attitude of the organising team with no feeling of being just another customer,
– And the good entente amongst the participants.

Très sympa!

Jean-Marie Gravot & Gaëlle Poyade, s/v BALANEC

Being part of Barbados 50 was a tremendous experience, in great part because of Jimmy [Cornell]’s personal input and the cheery Luc [Callebaut], fantastic value for money, great camaraderie and I would recommend it to anyone.

Geoffrey Bowler, s/v JANIKA LYCKA

The seminars were great and have given us plenty of food for thought. The tone that you all approached the pre-start tasks with was spot on.
We very much got the impression that for Jimmy [Cornell], he takes pleasure in sharing his experience and to help others, such as ourselves start out. And really, that came across from all of you.

And, for us on Bonaire, this is exactly why we joined the Atlantic Odyssey.

Tom & Emily Davidson, s/v BONAIRE

We regularly spend some high quality time with other boats from Barbados 50, which we keep on meeting either by plan or by chance.

Each time we meet, everybody is always saying how great Barbados 50 was, and how happy we all are to have participated in this beautiful event that allowed all of us to make many new friends.

A LOT of “sundowners”, dinners, beach parties, games, … were organized in many beautiful locations as a result of Barbados 50!

Jerome & Kelly, s/v JIYU

The organisers arrive with a great deal of experience, and at the same time as leaving participants quite free, they organise very interesting activities.

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Henri Shongut, s/v SERENDIP

The Atlantic Odyssey is a rally for people who don’t like rallies!

Erik Holmberg, s/v ACES 4

We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Atlantic Odyssey.

This was our first rally and we were a bit apprehensive about participating in a group activity such as this because we usually do not like being committed to group activities and schedules.

But we think Jimmy Cornell has organized these rallies well and the price certainly cannot be beat. You receive much more than should be expected for the minimal participation fees.

Bill & Judy Rouse, s/v BEBE

Perfect size of fleet to know all boats and most crew.

Roland Svensson, s/v GUNSAN

(MERCREDI SOIR did the Atlantic Odyssey in 2013 and 2015, with 3 generations aboard.)

After a tour of the Atlantic for two years … We decided to do it again!

With the Atlantic Odyssey of course; we have too many good memories of the closing party!

Gilles Heilporn, s/v MERCREDI SOIR

The week of pre-start briefings was really helpful and we left feeling pretty calm.

It was very motivating to receive a daily position update from all the other boats with whom we could correspond via email (we were not alone in the event of a crisis). […]

Most moving for all the boats was the festive welcome, the earliest arrivals with fog horns, the tourism office with the famous planter’s punch. After the voyage, the atmosphere on the pontoon was really super.

Luc & Yveline Formagne, s/v DOUDOU

(Eric crewed on GAVROCHE for the crossing, leaving SEA DRAGON to her all-female crew)

I really enjoyed participating in the Atlantic Odyssey – I had never seriously even considered doing a rally and was a bit skeptical when we decided to participate with SEA DRAGON.

I have to say my mind was changed – I thought the community that developed around the docks before and after the trip was wonderful.

Thanks for helping to pull together such a good group and keep it low key and fun.

Eric Loss, s/v SEA DRAGON

The entire experience has been very positive.

Even after 40,000 miles of cruising and coming 3/4 the way around the world, we found the seminars, the safety checks, the equipment checks all to be very useful. There is always something new to learn.

Everyone has been so friendly and supportive in helping us get ready.

It really makes a difference and we just want to be sure you know how much we appreciate everyone’s support.

Jeff and Gayle Allen, s/v LAZY BONES

The past week has been a blur of fantastic seminars – notably from Jimmy Cornell himself – as well as some other excellent speakers.

Russell Altendorff, s/v ENTERPRISE

The rally was extremely well managed and the girls loved having kids their age to play with for over a month.

Colin Rath, s/v PERSEVERE

We mostly enjoyed the wonderful welcome we got from both Pascale & Pascal and the crew from other boats. It was the best welcome we could have wished for.

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Søren & Christina Sloth Møllers, s/v SIF

The ocean sailing seminars were very good indeed.
Jimmy Cornell is charismatic, knowledgeable and very willing to discuss any sailing issue in the office or on the boat (and he has a good team around him). 

The greatest benefit to us of the rally-style is in meeting with other crews and comparing notes and strategies – my goodness, you never stop learning.

Simon & Jenny Wilmshurst-Smith , s/v FENICIA

This whole trip has been a tremendous experience for the five of us. I’m pretty sure we’ll do it some day again.  Thanks to all of you.

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Stefan & Annette Wendl, s/v ANNE

You can’t imagine how many wonderful people that are involved in this rally, nor how much happiness and love we’ve shared on seminars, adventures and late evenings.

Ester, s/v KRISTINE

What we liked best: The networking with other participants in the week before and after the event. Also the programme for the kids and parties/excursions.

Constantin Goth & Urte Lindenberg, s/v HAPA NA SASA

We liked the intimacy of a small rally.

Debra & Paul Witting, s/v TUMI

I do remember the days with the families of the Atlantic Odyssey with great saudade, in Italian we say nostalgia. I wish they all could come to New Zealand and have another lunch together!
Without the Odyssey the second part of our journey would not have been the same.

Thanks Jimmy and team.

Antonio Pascale, s/v OM

A big thank you to Jimmy and all the team for your welcome, your professionalism, your kindness and your humility.

Isabelle Lachapelle, s/v FLEUR DE SEL

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