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A Sunny Day in the North Sea

The colourful Parasailor spinnaker we had hoped to deploy at our start from London, finally came into its own yesterday. A welcome southerly breeze filled the large sail and Aventura took off …

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Being a Citizen Scientist

In these days of global austerity, many scientific institutions have seen their research funds cut and some major oceanographic projects are threatened by the inability to obtain up to date information on current conditions, …

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London send-off

Aventura sails through Tower Bridge

The Blue Planet Odyssey had a symbolic start today when London’s iconic Tower Bridge was opened twice, first to let Aventura through into the Pool of London, …

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Aventura's First Voyage

Aventura takes her message across the Channel

At 0015 local time on Saturday morning, May 24, Aventura finally set off on her long awaited maiden voyage. The relatively short 240 miles passage across …

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Aventura's Maiden Voyage

At 0015 local time on Saturday morning, May 24, Aventura finally set off on her long awaited maiden voyage. The relatively short 240 miles passage across the English Channel from Cherbourg to London was a prelude to the longer voyage …

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Aventura shows her pace

As we cast the mooring lines and David Oestereicher, the Garcia Yachting’s commissioning skipper, eased Aventura away from the dock, I realised that the moment of truth had finally arrived. As far as the actual concept was concerned, I had absolutely no doubt that Aventura had fulfilled all my expectations. But however beautiful, or functional, a yacht may be, in the end what really counts is her sailing performance. …

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Aventura IV is finished on time

Just over one year since her conception and almost exactly nine months since work started on the hull, Aventura is ready for her sea trials and final commissioning.

All essential work has been completed and, …

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An Invitation to the European Odyssey from Jimmy Cornell

Every summer hundreds of boats from Northern Europe head south, some bound for the Mediterranean, others for the Canaries and beyond. Soon after I launched the ARC in 1986 I drew up plans for a …

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Aventura IV is ready to meet the sea

Aventura IV left the fitting-out shed at the Garcia-Yachting boatyard in Cherbourg on Thursday, had her mast installed and will be launched early next week. …

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Aventura IV on schedule for late April launch

With most of AVENTURA’s furniture in place and the interior arrangement close to its final look, the time had come for Gwenda to give her verdict …

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Jimmy Cornell: A winter trip to St Petersburg

A frozen Neva with the famous Aurora cruiser of the 1917 Revolution moored on its bank.

Vladimir Ivankiv has been described as the sailors’ best friend in St Petersburg. A title this generous man …

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Photos: Visit to Aventura IV at Allures Yachting boatyard

Visit with crew Nick Carter to Allures Yachting boatyard in Cherbourg. Installation of various utility systems and cable runs well advanced.

Jimmy Cornell with Nick Carter

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Jimmy Cornell reviews the new edition of the Southeast Asia Pilot

The Southeast Asia Pilot, by Andy Dowden and Bill O’Leary – 4th edition – Published by Image Asia (

Born as the Andaman Sea Pilot a quarter of a century ago, the fourth edition, …

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Aventura IV on schedule for a launch in April

The metal work on my boat will be finished today and the hull will be transported from the Garcia boatyard to Allures Yachting, in Cherbourg, for finishing.

The work is therefore on schedule for a …

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Climate change – Jimmy Cornell’s personal view

Tuvalu, South Pacific: “This used to be our planting field. Now it is regularly flooded by the tide.” Scenes from Tuvalu, South Pacific

Much has been written about this phenomenon and few sailors would …

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Jimmy Cornell: What It Costs to Cruise

This article was published on Cruising World’s website (April 10, 2013)

Try and set a realistic figure for the cost of voyaging before you leave home. Though that estimate isn’t easy to …

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Aventura IV is taking shape

By tradition, a ship is born when its keel is laid and, in the case, of Aventura IV this took place earlier this week at the Garcia boatyard in Condé-sur-Noireau, a small village in Central Normandy. This unusual location for a boatyard, some 30 miles from the sea, is due to a decision taken by the two Garcia brothers some 40 years ago …

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Aventura IV – A boat for all seasons

A long time has passed since my last report on the progress of my new boat and I apologize for the long wait. The reason for the delay is that I felt that there was little to be added to what I had already said before all the design features had been decided and finalized. That stage has now been reached and work on the boat has started. …

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Aventura IV: An unpainted tin can for all seasons

The first report on the plans for my new boat has generated much interest, and I had several questions. I’ll deal with the most frequently asked ones first. Why aluminium? The first Aventura was a strong well built GRP boat which survived a three hour grounding on a reef on the Caicos Bank …

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Aventura IV

For much of my sailing life I have been trying to find out if there was such a thing as an ideal cruising boat. With this in mind, I conducted several surveys among …

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Preparations for the Northwest Passage

As part of my own preparations to sail through that historic passage, I have attended three highly informative lectures delivered by sailors who had transited the Northwest Passage recently. Two had sailed from east to …

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Should the Blue Planet Odyssey Attempt the Northwest Passage?

London 13 February 2013

The decision for the Blue Planet Odyssey to sail through the Northwest Passage has generated a debate over the justification for a small fleet of cruising boats navigating through this …

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The Rock revisited

Gibraltar, 10 January 2013

Gibraltar waterfront

On January 2, 1991, the first round the world rally set sail from Gibraltar, the local government having given its full support to a global event that had never …

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Cornell’s Survey of Global Cruising Yacht Movements

Jimmy Cornell has been conducting surveys of the global movements of cruising yachts since 1984. In this 6-part article, first published in the November 2011 issue of Cruising World, he reports …

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The Best Boats for Globe Girdling

Jimmy Cornell discusses the results of his survey on the features that make a good world cruising boat, drawing on the experience of 57 contributors to his new book World Voyage …

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