Last chance special offer - signed copy of Cornells' Ocean Atlas

Photo: Ole Henrik Nissen-Lie of Seilmagasinet.

Order in the next few days to receive this time-limited special offer of Jimmy and Ivan Cornells’ Ocean Atlas, published this year in a fully updated and revised second edition in English, French and German.

Order by 15 March 2018, and receive a personally dedicated copy from Jimmy Cornell for the special price of £50/€60 plus postage and packing (rates dependent on country of residence).

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please complete the order form:

Order the English language edition, Cornells’ Ocean Atlas

Order the German edition, Cornells Atlas Der Ozeane

Order the French edition, Cornell Atlas Des Océans

After this time, the book will be available for sale on Amazon in Europe and from Paradise Cay, our distributor in North America.