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Track the Caribbean Odyssey boats across the Atlantic from Tenerife (T) to Barbados (B).
2585 nautical miles. ETA: 27 January – 5 February 2017.

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If a yacht’s position has not been updated or shows any other anomaly, this is most likely a malfunction of the tracking system and not an indication of the yacht’s current situation.

BoatPositionLast ReportComments
Amjad13.08°N, 59.61°W 8 Feb 18:38 UTCArrived
Ariel18.05°N, 63.10°W 2 Feb 20:00 UTCArrived
Bright Eyes13.11°N, 59.63°W 3 Feb 11:39 UTCArrived
Damisa13.04°N, 61.24°W 6 Feb 12:12 UTCArrived
Edelweiss13.11°N, 59.63°W27 Jan 14:45 UTCArrived
Ghost13.08°N, 59.61°W 2 Feb 09:52 UTCArrived
J-Squared14.46°N, 60.87°W14 Feb 02:16 UTCArrived
Juggernaut13.11°N, 59.63°W31 Jan 08:42 UTCArrived
Madiba13.11°N, 59.63°W28 Jan 02:35 UTCArrived
Mahe 313.11°N, 59.63°W27 Jan 20:54 UTCArrived
Paluar13.11°N, 59.63°W 2 Feb 12:40 UTCArrived
Pouplier II14.45°N, 60.88°W22 Feb 06:02 UTCArrived
Spica14.47°N, 60.87°W 7 Feb 17:51 UTCArrived
Tantrum13.10°N, 59.61°W30 Jan 12:32 UTCArrived
Two Drifters13.10°N, 59.61°W 3 Feb 01:42 UTCArrived

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