Why Join

We’d love you to be part of one of our Odysseys, and here are some great reasons why.

Full support from the team

Safety demonstration

Medical seminar

Free docking

Welcome party

Island tour in Tenerife

School visit in Barbados – Photo: S/V Sta Vast

Support & Safety

  • Jimmy Cornell‘s unequalled track record in organising rallies for cruising sailors.
  • Full-time support from the experienced Cornell Sailing Events team before and during the event.
  • Each of our Odysseys offers you a unique package of support and information ranging from weekend seminars to onboard demonstrations by experienced circumnavigators.
  • Seminars  include talks by Jimmy Cornell on voyage planning, and bring in experts from across the field of cruising.
  • Full safety inspection of your boat and advice from experienced team members.
  • Full skippers briefings before the start.

During the event

  • At-sea communications network facilitated by the Cornell Sailing Events team.
  • The position of each vessel will be tracked on this website. Boats which do not have a tracking system compatible with the online tracking system (such as the Iridium Extreme satphone or Iridium Go) will be loaned a satellite tracking device for the duration of the rally.
  • Real-time sharing of fleet updates via the website and Facebook so family and friends can follow your progress online


Each of our Odysseys also has its own unique set of incentives, which we have negotiated on your behalf.

These include

  • free docking in start and finish ports.
  • a range of exclusive discounts on marine supplies and long term docking fees.

(Download the Regulations or contact us for details.)

Not forgetting the social side…

  • Social and family activities before the start
  • Welcome parties on arrival
  • Support of other participants before, during and after the event
  • Membership of the Sail the Odyssey Forum before and after the event
  • Friendships that will last…

Sail the Odyssey program

  • Take part in sailors’ citizen science programmes and contribute to ocean science
  • Make a difference with our community projects, beach clean-ups, and more

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